Ever run a marathon? I did a few years back. Logging those miles always reminded me of writing.  

One training technique is called Fartleks. Jog for ten minutes or so. Then run as hard as you can for five minutes. Slow. Then fast. This builds endurance.

footprints“Fartlek” is Swedish for speed play. You can add speed play to your writing too. 

Every once in a while, as you’re writing, time yourself for five minutes and write as fast as you can. Don’t worry what you’re  putting down–just make tracks across the page. 

footprintsWhenever you’re in a rut with your writing, change something: even the speed you work at. 

It could unlock greatness.

Ready? go!




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One Response to “fartleks”

  1. Heather Says:

    That’s a great idea! (I love this blog!)

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