mumbai bound



Flying London to Mumbai on Jet Airways – can you get more generic than that? I keep thinking they missed a word here. Jet India Airway perhaps?

Close to landing the flight attendants come out en masse and spray sanitizer up and down the aisles and in the air. Is there a reason they couldn’t wait til we landed and left the plane? I have a personal policy to avoid direct contact with room deodorizer. Isn’t that stuff bad for you?  I am sure there is a caution on the side of the can about spraying on passengers.  The spraying came after our really cool breakfast of spinach and channa dal– small vegetarian patties filled with chiles and mints. Captain Crunch step aside



We are on our way to Mumbai to conduct a creativity and writing workshop for Promax/BDA India. We like to customize our workshops, but it’s particularly challenging half way around the world in a country we’ve only visited in the movies. 

Hungry to glean anything we can–even from small differences aboard the flight.  I watched a Bollywood movie called “Hello” about six workers at a call center, all going through personal crisis–adultery, depression, and estrangement–punctuated by pelvic-thrusting dances. I find this an appealing combination and am relieved to know that crisis and pelvic thrusting is universal. Marilyn sleeps through the action.

While the rules of creativity are  consistent  the world over, cultural differences do matter we have 48 hours to figure out what they are.

Up for 20 hours straight most of it evening. Approaching  Mumbai and lights curve like a jewled necklace along the coastline. Reminds me of the flat, sprawling city of another tropical center, Miami.

Lots to share, lots to learn. Who has the converter and how do we access the internet?




4 Responses to “mumbai bound”

  1. Deanne Says:

    Miami and Mumbai, I know there is a good compare and contrast in that combination.
    Keep the posts comin’

  2. Maura Says:

    Sounds like you’re ready for a great few days. Cultural differences aside, seems like sanitizer is also universal these days!!

  3. Natasha Smith Says:

    Found you all! Can you blog about the smells? I imagine pungent, sweet – quite stimulating to the Western shnoz.

  4. Heather Ivins Says:

    Yum! I want that breakfast!

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