walk in workshop


They warned us that the Indians run late. Our 9a session started closer to 9:15. No worries I got to finish my tea. Folks were still trickling in when we received the cue to start.

LB up first. Good morning and thank you. We are Tooth+Nail. We are not dentists. I thought it was a stellar beginning. My turn next and the topic was creative briefs and the key message. I show an ad, you tell me what the key message is. Interactive, engaging and a chance to share great work from around the globe. 



We were about to show our kick-off spot, from Heineken, a funny crowd warming video. Then the power went out. When it resumed our computer was in a coma. I was feeling catatonic as well. LB didn’t miss a beat. She informed the crowd that while the computer was rebooting we would act out the spot.

LB opened imaginary closet doors and shrieked with delight at shelves of imaginary shoes. I  jumped up and down pretending to see shelves of beer. The audience loved it.

The attendees from the morning session returned for the afternoon session; we passed the workshop litmus test. In fact, they had to add more chairs.

Three and a half hours later we ended the workshop by playing the spot we intended to open with. The audience shrieked. You’d almost think they were in a closet sized refrigerator filled with beer.


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