surprise endings 1 – revealed


Picture 10

We tracked down amazing spots for our  session, “Write with Balls”, at Promax/BDA this week in NY. Each spot has its own distinct personality. But sometimes, we’re shocked and awed to find out who the commercial is actually for.

Previously, we had posted the spot below and stopped it before the ending. People guessed who it was for. (Great guesses, by the way!)

Now, here’s the complete spot. Admit it, you’re a little shocked.


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3 Responses to “surprise endings 1 – revealed”

  1. Annaliza Says:

    Well, I was going to say it had to be condoms… lots of nudie cartoon people! But the title of the spot comes up in the player!!! So… I hope you have a lot of treats on hand

  2. Steve Tardio Says:

    Well Hi Tooth and Nail –

    The ‘surprise endings’ spot is for Scrabble. I only know this because I saw it before!

    Not sure if I’ll make it to your seminar at Promax/BDA but I will try!


  3. michael rothenberg Says:

    Really enjoying your blog, the ‘write with balls’ ethos, the food for thought. Sorry I missed guessing on these before the answer was revealed. Keep up the great work. -mr

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