learn the lingo


We’ve got a slew of writing tips, but it’s summer and everyone deserves to chill.

So we’re enjoying long days and dolling out our tips nice and slow.

Pull up your chaise and schmear on some sunblock. Part 3 of our Promax/BDA session follows:


We spell it out for you:

B=begin with personality

A=apply attitude

L=Learn lingo

L=Let’s Talk

S=Stay sharp

Picture 10

We start with the smartest, most basic tip of all:

Write like you talk. Yeah, just like that.

Short, incomplete sentences. Colorful language. Simple words. That’s how you and your buddies talk. And when you put that lingo into a spot, an ad, or on your website, it pulls folks right in. Whoosh, like magic.

Here’s a cool guy spot for Ocean’s 12 from USA Network.

Love that line, “Try to keep up.”

And here’s more real talk, from History. Epic footage, sure. But Chris Moseley and her team were smart enough to let a simple sound bite tell the story. And, by the way, they share a nugget of info we bet you didn’t know.

So, what’dya say?

Try writing like your viewers talk, not like an ad. Make it real, or make yourself another Mojito. Either way you’re likely to start a conversation.

Got a favorite straight-talking spot? Let us know.

How about a favorite summertime drink? Buy this round and we’ll get the next.



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