experience that


My cousin sends his kids to Harry Potter Camp. A dear friend is partial to Disney Cruises. Recently I saw that Red Lobster was offering menu items pulled straight from Food Network’s hit series the Next Food Network Star. And, since we all know Times Square needed one more thrill, Discovery introduced the Times Square Titanic Exposition.


Meanwhile, I am shaking my piggy bank in hopes of gathering enough tokens for a stay at the lovely Hotel W in South Beach. The “Entourage Bungalow” is the ticket. A personal driver,  yacht,  and unlimited alcohol. Agent Ari not included.


Many of you know this already – I don’t have new ideas. I take old ones and throw them together like an odd couple; imagine basil and tequila.

Unusual pairs had me thinking. Entertainment brands have long partnered with lifestyle brands. But, Pharma has been left out of the mix. So, put on your thinking caps and imagine the partnering possibilities. I’ve started a list.

pillsOnce a Daily, a complete Multivitamin unleashing humor and mental agility with 100% of your daily dose of irony. From the good folks at Comedy Central and Bayer.

Zooloft from Animal Planet.  This drug, like its well known sister, calms even the most agitated cats and canines. Perfect for car rides or when you can’t be bothered. Suitable for both pets and pet owners. Comes in liver, beef, and mint.

Vixena. From the folks at Desperate Housewives. This Rx is like another popular enhancer beginning with V, but after the affair you get amnesia.

You can do better, so show me.


2 Responses to “experience that”

  1. Susie Norris Says:

    hahaha! I’m laughing.


    Sign me up for the clinical trials of ‘Once a Daily’. You’ve got a cash cow in the making.
    I think the accountants, actuaries and tax attorneys would also be lining up around the corner. Mainly because their favorite form of contraception is their personality.

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