creative soles


Ever had evil shoes? A pair that looked nice in the store but were serial killers on the street. No one thinks clearly with throbbing feet.


What’s the first thing you do when you come home? Me, I kick off my shoes. The universal signal that it’s time to relax. And relaxing is critical to writing.

From Manhattan to Malaysia we kick off our workshops by kicking off our shoes and donning a new pair of socks.

In school, when they wanted you to be a good little soldier  (the opposite of creative if you ask me), you were asked to “put on your thinking caps”. That imaginary chapeau morphed a room of screaming me-me’s into obedient puppies.

Creativity demands the opposite of obedience. For us, socks signal the time to be rowdy, let your guard down, and pick up your pen.

green lace up socks

After decades of hunting down creativity, we have found it indeed comes from the sole.

Of your feet.


One Response to “creative soles”

  1. Jessica (@It's my life...) Says:

    I was always the girl at work who walked around in socks or barefoot… Can’t think in shoes!

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