one fan at a time


I love my hood: espresso bars, burritos, and baked fries around the corner; mouth-tingling Thai and organic sushi a few blocks away. Just when I thought I was too full to waddle any further, Dorado appears with soft fish tacos from Mexico City.

Dorado interior

Why invest in a grande latte when the same $3 gets you a revelation of mushroom, fresh salsa, and avocado. I work my way through the menu: tacos to cemitas, shrimp to portabellos. Can’t wait to tell my friends.


Below the beverage list on the wall I am invited to follow my tacos on twitter or befriend them on facebook. And I do. That’s how deep my love is.

While major brands make headway monopolizing the social media mixer, the opportunities may be greatest for the wallflowers. The small discoveries. The passion brands.

I’ve announced my love on their fan page. Now what? How will social media build my bond with this restaurant? Wish for fan-only specials or lessons in Chipotle. The best friends surprise you and love you back.

Are you a fan of something on facebook? If so, have they done anything to enhance your relationship or grow the love?

Tell us your stories. We’ll follow Dorado, give them tips, and see if this relationship is truly two way.

Meanwhile, hmmm. A nice swordfish cemita might hit the spot.



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