Write with 3 Balls


This year the Promax/BDA conference in LA brought in great speakers from around the world and smashed last year’s attendance numbers. We felt honored to be included.

We had a blast presenting “Write with 3 Balls” to the audience of marketing executives, and they returned the feeling. Loved seeing that SRO crowd. As promised, here’s what we showed. Enjoy and please let us know what you think!

[The presentation is packed with good stuff and videos–please give it a few moments to load up.]

Promax Presentation

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3 Responses to “Write with 3 Balls”

  1. Milene Says:

    What tools have you used when selecting these spots? Have you used any quantitative research tools or specific methods?


    • lindabutton Says:

      Milene, we use these spots to demonstrate different writing and creative techniques like contrast, active verbs, and using strong visuals. Love to hear about any research tools you use or know about.

  2. Milene Says:

    The company I works for uses amongst other Nepa to test the effectivness of our communication:

    According to the communication evaluation company, Millward Brown, there are three basic steps for every piece of truly effective communication

    Awareness – Will the ad be remembered?
    Branding – Will the brand/advertiser be remembered?
    Communication – Will the intended message be remembered?

    A forth step, Will it create the intended response/action, can also be applied if the aim of the ad is to create an immediate response.

    I went to see your session and Promax LA and found it very inspired but when discussing with others back home the question of wether this is purely subjective opinions or actually proven stuff came up… And the issue of making sure it’s truly best practise based on great quality research.


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