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Bare your assets

July 6, 2011
The room was buzzing at our Promax session in New York.
Were we in the buff? Nah.
We were stripping spots down to their bare essentials:
Message, Ideas, and Words.
The pictures were just a tease.
Click the bra to see what we showed.
Give it time to load. Chock full of fun spots!

good morning, sunshine

March 15, 2010

We love spring.  Crocuses nosing up from the earth. Sunshine spilling onto the sidewalk when you leave work.

But up in Inuvik, the Canadian Artic, sunshine has an even greater power. For sixty-six days of winter, they’re encased in darkness. Which makes this documentary style spot, from Tropicana Canada, so charming. And their message about brighter mornings so meaningful.

Find a story. Or make a new story that meshes with your brand. Tell it honestly. You invite people to experience your message, instead of bracing themselves for your sell.

What story is waiting for you?

our favorite un-app

December 2, 2009

We love how, when everyone’s going in one direction, someone chooses to head in the other.

Like this spot for the Florida Keys. Simple. Memorable.

What’s your favorite twist?

our favorite ‘lil spot this week

September 16, 2009

aids ribbon3707

We’re soaking up the love for Australia, as we look at spots from around the world.

A few simple words in this PSA transform nice pictures into personal stories.

Can you think of other spots where a few words make all the difference?

mini miracles

September 2, 2009


Discard beverage. Take off shoes. Slide computer through xray. Purchase identical beverage a moment later. Board plane. Squeeze computer bag and body into seat. Endure not-so-solitary confinement for hours marked by B movies, salty snacks, and a shortage of fresh air.

By the time custom forms make the rounds and the landing gear has settled, you are under a spell, some metaphysical abracadabra. Poof, a new world is outside the terminal doors: Singapore, Mumbai or Kuala Lumpur.


So many fresh ideas on the other side of the puddle: a different way to deliver lunch, a solution to collecting trash, or package milk. Sometimes dull becomes delightful.

Consider the mind-blowing technique of Keith Loutit, an Australian film maker.

Loutit shoots real life and turns it into miniature. TV1 in Australia was sharp enough to hire him for their image campaign. Magic.

take a break

July 26, 2009

Think about your best ideas.  When do they come to you?  Is the aha moment at the office, or do you wake up in the middle of the night with the proverbial light bulb over your head?

big idea

Chances are, your best ideas appear  when you aren’t trying to corner them. Like love, ideas find you.

It’s summer, get out and discover a street festival, farm or indie film. Stop working and recharge yourself.

LB and I found a beautiful video and before we had a chance to share it with you, we saw that the concept was appropriated by Comcast. Check out the original and then the commercial. Here’s the take away. Act like a European Creative Director; hang with video artists, and you too may stumble on ideas while sipping sangria.

The inspiration

The commercial application

Tell us where your best ideas come from.